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“God Save My Shoes” is the all new fashion documentary that has just premiered and examines the emotional attachment that many women worldwide feel about their shoes. There were no ladies safety shoes at the event, as heels were the order of the day at the premiere screening of what some film critics have labelled as a movie exploration of the shoe fetish of the industry. Delving into the closets of celebrities and their massive collections of footwear, “God Save My Shoes” is an interesting look into why women buy shoes, what types of shoes have different emotional connotations, and where do they keep them all!

Special moments of all the stars are shown, even with celebrities giving their special moments with their shoes and sharing those personal moments in this fashion documentary. Dita Von Teese is said to have three or four pairs of shoes made for her by certain designers before she is satisfied. She also has a fetish for all things with gems and special crystals, even once sporting a pair with Swarovski crystals at the toes. The documentary also examines the lengths to which women will go to be able to wear those special shoes, like the expensive and often painful surgeries undertaken in the quest of vanity.

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