Champion Bass Boat


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A bass boat is a small boat that is designed and equipped primarily for bass fishing or fishing for other panfish, usually in freshwater such as lakes, rivers and streams. The modern bass boat features swivel chairs that permit the angler to cast to any position around the boat, storage bins for fishing tackle and equipment such as rods and lures, and a live well with recirculating water where caught fish may be stored and kept alive.

Bass boats are usually propelled by two means: an outboard motor, which moves the boat swiftly from place to place; and a trolling motor, which moves the boat at a slow pace through an area where the angler is fishing. Should those motors fail, bass boats are small enough to be propelled by oars in an emergency.

Bass boats are typically either constructed of aluminum or fiberglass. The aluminum boats are lighter and typically smaller in size and less expensive than the fiberglass versions. The fiberglass renditions, however, offer more space, better handling, and the ability to house larger outboard motors.

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